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Print Advertising: Thriving in a Vastly Digital World

Having a ground-breaking product or a service with its own unique niche doesn’t guarantee that your business will thrive in the fiercely competitive world of commerce. What good is a top-notch product/service when not a single soul knows that such convenience/goods exist? Indeed, a business has to look into marketing to be able to connect and get the most from its relationship with customers and clients.

Fortunately, today’s entrepreneurs have a myriad of options to tap when it comes to advertising. In fact, they can either stick with traditional means or try their hands on the more trendy options available. Speaking of the latter, it’s undeniable that internet marketing has been on a meteoric rise in the past couple of years. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since millions, even billions, of people are starting to turn to the Web for their ever-growing list of needs.

While virtual advertisements are moving forward in leaps and bounds and several entrepreneurs today are embracing them in their respective marketing campaigns, it’s natural for some commercial establishments to go and re-evaluate their own campaigns and see whether it’s still paying them dividends or if they have lagged behind the competition. At some point, with all the noise that web marketing is making these days, businesspeople may ask themselves: “Is printing of marketing materials becoming a thing of the past?”

In a word, “no”. In fact, statistics show that print marketing materials have neither become obsolete nor have its effectiveness waned despite the growing popularity of web marketing tools. Indeed, it’s not surprising to see businesses distribute digital color copies to the market at large at the same time employ web-based strategies today.

So how are flyers, business cards, billboards, brochures, and other printed forms of advertisement thriving in today’s world, which is fast becoming the playground of tablet PCs, smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs?

Printed Ads vs. Other Advertising Materials

For one, printed ads remain to be quite an engaging way to interact with customers. Sure, web-based banners can readily interact with users in a way that a humble leaflet cannot, but, the latter often can stimulate a potential client’s senses that the former can’t. In a way, a discount coupon produced via color printing is more likely to be believed by an individual than that pop-up ad that keeps annoying you while you read news online.

Not only that, print advertising holds the distinction of being able to work independently or in conjunction with other marketing mediums. Such flexibility enables entrepreneurs to create dynamic multimedia campaigns that are effective in exposing their brand to a broader audience. In fact, according to statistics, campaigns that make use of brochures alongside website advertising yield 25% higher response rate than when employing virtual means alone.

Also, printed ads have better credibility, something that the internet lacks somehow. With many online consumers taking on a generally skeptical stance about offers displayed on the world wide web, this certainly have favored companies that continue to invest in color copies of their own marketing materials. This skepticism toward online advertisements may have stemmed from the fact that it’s easy to come up with bogus deals on the internet while it can be painstaking to design an enticing offer using print marketing.

Another thing that makes printed advertisements quite credible is the fact that any offer written in such mediums is permanent, or at least stands up over time. Meanwhile, web ads are much more fluid and have the tendency to get rewritten or deleted by anybody very easily. The unpredictability of the latter often deprives normal buyers to make informed buying decisions since they prompt users to take action immediately or lose their chance to avail of a good deal. Indeed, in the world of marketing, consistency is certainly a principle worth embracing.

In addition, printing services enable organisations to come up with a marketing material that can certainly impress at first glance. This may be why countless of billboards and postcards are printed every year since these colored advertisements often have the power to successfully draw traffic to stores and establishments. Without question, the way printed ads engage the public in general may be more effective compared to some of the latest marketing options today – more so when the material in question is enhanced using color printing by us here at Chicago Printing Service.

Coming Up with a Printed Ad That Works

Flip through magazines or newspapers and you will likely come across printed ads that are so plain that you barely notice that they’re even on the page. They are just examples of printed materials whose design have been treated as an afterthought.

For a business to truly reap the benefits that print advertising promises, it has to do its share of the work. By this, it means that they have to put careful thought on how the material will look like – after all, ads bank on aesthetics for them to be effective in making an appeal to viewers. So how can your ads not end up being a blur?

Surprise readers visually. Before rolling out printed ads, it might be best for a company to evaluate their material’s visual impact. In the most ideal scenario, the image you show should advance your company’s or campaign’s slogan. On the other hand, stock photos have to be avoided at all cost, especially when the picture has been used by other past prints. A good measure to know if your ad is bound to draw an audience is when the overall design seems to communicate to onlookers but doing so in a way that is unique and surprising.

Convey one powerful message. The typical practice of traditional salesmen is to stuff as many details as possible into a tiny ad space, completely disregarding the fact that the resulting font may be too small to read even for readers with 20/20 vision. As much as you’d want to put into words every little benefit that consumers can get from your groundbreaking product/service, sticking with one memorable tagline for your postcard printing campaign often gets you better results since it’s easy for potential buyers to get your ad’s message when you focus on a single main point.


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Focus on customers rather than the brand. Although product catalogs are about what a company has to offer to the general consumer, one terrible mistake a business commits in the process of catalog printing is when the material ends up talking about what the brand is about. In most cases, buyers care about their needs more than anything else so it might be wise to use catalogs as a tool to show potential buyers why the commercial brand can help them with their specific needs. To put it simply: talk about what matters the most to consumers.

Come up with a headline that has shock value. There is one simple rule when it comes to putting titles on your ad: make one that intrigues anyone who reads it. Otherwise, it may be difficult to get an audience to listen (or read, in this case) to what else you have to say. Ask a funny question, throw an offer that’s hard to refuse, challenge common beliefs, or state hard-hitting facts – do everything in your power just so your ad doesn’t begin with a line that makes anybody yawn. In a way, having a memorable or catchy company slogan can make for a great letterhead printing design.

While distributing print ads can be effective in itself, an organisation can bring its impact a notch higher when they put a lot of thought on the concept behind each printed material. By following these tips, every material they roll out can pay dividends and their investment will all be worth it.

Elements of an Effective Printed Ad

Every day, we see hundreds and thousands of printed ads wherever we go. Usually, though, we only remember one or two of those. Out of those numbers, why are there only so few? The answer is that the few you remember are those that have successfully stood out from the rest. Of course, when you flick through the pages of a B2B publication, you’ll see several ads that are all competing for the reader’s attention but only a number of those get to stay in your memory. How do they do that?

For an ad to be that attractive, meaningful, and readable, it has to have the following fundamentals:

Legible Writings

A basic element of an effective print ad is the legibility of its text. In most cases, putting in large blocks of text against a bunch of ‘busy’ images can render parts or even the entire material less reader-friendly. This is why it’s advised that ads use smaller blocks of copy that uses a generous amount of indentations and bullet points, which often makes information easy for readers to digest. Plus, the organisation has to decide on what font to use since such a detail can affect how professional or casual-looking the resulting material is.

Emphasis on the Benefits

What your product/service can give to customers may be the only reason that people bother to read your ads and that’s why your advertisement should highlight this information over the rest. While it may be tempting to drop jargons into the mix to prove that you’re an authority in your chosen industry, this normally wouldn’t bode well with average customers who may simply be seeking companies they can turn to for their specific needs. In the end, the most effective ads are those that keep their messages simple without having to confuse readers with lots of technical terms. Considering how few people understand these jargon, this should make your marketing tool quite understandable.

Simple Layout

The first goal of any ad is to catch the viewer’s attention but this may not be feasible when the print ad has all sorts of design and detail thrown into the fray. Indeed, when an advertisement is busy and cluttered with images and words, it’s easy for a reader to lose interest, especially when he or she doesn’t immediately find what he or she needs. In the end, a commercial establishment may be better off putting out ads with simpler and stripped down layouts so they don’t turn their material into a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Sensible Flow

In most countries, people are trained to read from the top left portion of a page and moving to the bottom right. Typically, this basic mechanic should be among those things that a print material has to consider. In fact, the printed advertisement should aid the reader’s journey by laying out text along the eye’s natural ‘route’ across a page. This may only be a subtle detail to consider but it’ll surely make a lot of difference to viewers who may be in a hurry to find what your printed offer is about.

These elements may seem simple enough but these are the making of a printed advertisement that really works. By keeping these details in mind, you can proceed with selecting the kind of print material you want to print out without having to worry that your material will look too fancy or cluttered.

Qualities of a Reliable Printing Service Provider

When you’ve come up with a design for your print ad and you’ve drafted the message you wish to convey, the next thing you have to ask may be this: “who will accommodate my need for printing services?” With this said, it may be wise to start looking for a service provider that embraces the following qualities:

Offers Comprehensive Service

A great commercial printing service is one that can sufficiently satisfy the requests of each customer. Whether the client requires a simple envelope printing or a complex postcard material, the company should be able to complete the project in the way the client specifies within a set timeframe. Here at Chicago Printing Service, you can trust that we offer a comprehensive range of printing jobs to fulfil any of your specific requirements. Letterheads, banners, color copies, or newsletters – we can produce those and more just for you!

Values Relationships

Customer reviews are often a good measure to know how reliable a print company is. Thus, before approaching any establishment, it may be best to read testimonies and opinions regarding the service they offer. In most cases, these forms of word-of-mouth can give you a clear idea of what to expect once you approach a company like ours for your catalog printing needs.

Prioritizes Long-Term Patronage

Mistakes are often inevitable in a business of printing so it may be best if a print company is transparent about their policies and guarantees on how they handle dissatisfied customers. Often the best companies are those that immediately prioritize correcting errors they have committed over any other assignments. This should make the customer more confident to do repeat business with the said organisation, guaranteeing a longer patronage from the said party.

These are just some of the qualities you can expect Chicago Printing Service to have, so if you need help with producing an aesthetic print material that offers you value for your money, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We look forward to bringing your business closer to its set marketing goals!